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I was born in St. Petersburg, FL and It is my love of the sea, trees, mother nature and all good medicines I learned about while living “out west” in California and Hawaii, which ultimately brought me back home to the Tampa Bay Area. There’s no place like home. I want to anchor what I’ve learned out west and repay my debt of gratitude to my homeland.
The surrounding water and beaches here make for stunning photography, inspire my paintings and overall soothe my Piscean soul.
My ultimate dream is to manifest the “Gratitude Tree Network,” 24/7 television/media network to encourage the choice of gratitude at all times. If you want to join the network, please feel free to ‘like’ Gratitude Tree Network on FB. :)
All my pieces reflect a deep love for color, my internal striving for balance, sea life and Mother Nature.
I’m an SGI Nichiren Buddhist and an activist for peace and justice. I believe each of us has potential to be happy and lead a value-creating life no matter what happened, is happening or will happen to us. Peace activist and Buddhist philosopher Dr. Daisaku Ikeda is my mentor and I share his sincere determination for true and lasting world peace. Like my mentor, I strive to achieve peace through dialogue, respect and profound gratitude for all humanity.
I am compelled to share the fact that for most of my life, I have experienced episodes of major depression. I am grateful for the lessons learned in those episodes, but strive to overcome the tendencies by following my heart and being grateful for my life! My work is an expression of my gratitude on the ‘other side’ of depression. The happy and grateful human being that was always in me, even in the depths of “black hole” depressive episodes is awakened by painting, nature and appreciation for Mother Earth.
None of us are free of suffering or obstacles, but it is my hope and deep prayer to add value and bursts of love-encoded imagery to children’s playrooms and hospital waiting rooms, living spaces, offices, hotels and any empty walls that could instead be filled with something joyful to gaze upon. My abstract paintings have layers of hidden imagery that are often only activated by the viewer’s imagination. “I see a dolphin! I see a bird with angel wings!” These types of proclamations make my heart sing.
I graduated with a BFA in Motion Picture Television and Recording Arts from Florida State University Film Conservatory, which led me to California and Hawaii working all manner of film and television production jobs. My most memorable gigs were The Matrix 2 and 3 and video game, The Simpsons, The Truman Show, Disturbia, G4 Television Network and The Art Directors Guild and its fine art gallery, Gallery 800. I moved back to Florida in 2014.
I am very grateful for your visit to the site! THANK YOU for THANKING TREES!

*I have thousands of photos of the beaches, trees, skies and rainbows from Hawaii, California and Florida that are yet to be uploaded. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me directly through this site if you are interested in stock nature photography! I am uploading them here asap as well. Special note to Set Decorators and Production Designers, I will sign a release for on-camera use should you hang my art on your sets.

Please email me directly anytime to discuss.

THANK YOU so much for the visit.
Love, Light and Aloha always and to ALL!

Gratefully and lovingly,

Nicki La Rosa


Angel Dolphin Sunset by Nicki La Rosa


Golden Waves by Nicki La Rosa


Indian Rocks Beach Waves at Sunset by Nicki La Rosa


Rainbow on Laughing Dolphin with Seahorses by Nicki La Rosa


Pink Peekaboo Sky by Nicki La Rosa


Sky Eyes by Nicki La Rosa


Distinct Rays by Nicki La Rosa


Side Sky by Nicki La Rosa


Sky Eyes 1 by Nicki La Rosa


Rachael's Healing by Nicki La Rosa


Dove Swimmin by Nicki La Rosa


St.Pete Sunset 1 by Nicki La Rosa


Reptile Sea and Sun Fun by Nicki La Rosa


Fire Mountain by Nicki La Rosa


Sea Dragon by Nicki La Rosa


New York State of Mind by Nicki La Rosa


Sea Soul by Nicki La Rosa




Palm Mountain by Nicki La Rosa


Earth Goddess by Nicki La Rosa


Eye of Pine on Valleyheart Drive by Nicki La Rosa


Freedom by Nicki La Rosa


Whale Eye in Sky Sunset St.Pete Beach by Nicki La Rosa


Clearwater Beach Sunset 1 by Nicki La Rosa


Victory Candy by Nicki La Rosa


Swim by Nicki La Rosa


Don Cesar Penthouse Sunset 1 by Nicki La Rosa


Cosmic Party People by Nicki La Rosa