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Gratitude Equals Freedom

June 20th, 2014

Gratitude Equals Freedom

Being grateful and saying "Thank you" is a making a cause for freedom.

If I can muster appreciation for even the seemingly smallest benefit, then in that moment I am free. I'm free from the tendencies of ingratitude, disappointment or delusion which almost always turn into anger.
This is by no means 'my' idea, it's simple cause and effect! There is no way to simultaneously be angry and grateful (truly grateful) at the same time. Since one of my go-to tendencies is towards anger when I make a mistake or 'don't get my way,' I test this theory on myself every single day!
Anger in and of itself isn't 'bad,' especially when it's transformed into action for the greater good. However, when it pops up in everyday life because I stub my toe or make some other mistake, I rob myself of my freedom. And that's no fun!

Practicing gratitude every day by saying "Thank you," or writing a list of a few things I'm grateful for inevitably increases my freedom to choose joy or some other better feeling than misdirected anger.
THANK YOU for reading and THANK YOU for being you.

Next time you stub your toe, try thanking it and giving it a rub of appreciation. I promise it will feel better than throwing something or blaming yourself for a simple miscalculation in depth perception!

Love and thanks,

Gratitude Tree Network

June 18th, 2014

Gratitude Tree Network

If we've met in 'real life,' you know that I have a dream for a 24/7 television / internet channel called "Gratitude Tree Network."

If you are just getting to know me, know that each and every piece of art I sell on this site is a movement toward that vision.

I am of the mind that earth and its biological neural network of trees and people (who are mobile trees) can choose to live in a peaceful world governed by the decision to be grateful rather than hateful. Not all may agree, but that's okay you can still stop and thank the trees.

For every acknowledgment is felt - every thank you is heard in the heart of Mother Earth.

With every "thank you," our brain's neural network as well as that of all of all reality is valued, thereby strengthening the root system, our connections between all life on planet earth.
Creating value from the simple act of being thankful is FREE and freeing. A gain, rather than a loss.
Humanity has mastered loss and anti-value, war, greed and destruction. Let us advance in creating value, praising one another for our efforts no matter how seemingly small they may be!

Now it's time to re-vision our reality with hopeful action to encourage and inspire each other - not slay and despise one another.
I acknowledge and thank my Mentor, Daisaku Ikeda for his tireless efforts to promote peace through dialogue and a grateful heart.
I share my Mentor's heart and take action alongside him every day with determination to achieve true peace and actualize our dream of a peaceful world.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being! Stay tuned and tune in to Gratitude Tree Network by way of thanking any tree you see.
I promise you will feel good and so will the tree!

Gratefully yours,
Nicki La Rosa